“2019 Iron Rose Battle of the Bands Finalist Release”

On to the International Stage “ City Roars Fest” in Malaysia!

The intense final round of “campus team” and “social team” of Iron Rose Battle of the Band was held on Oct. 19th and 20th in the outdoors stage of Taoyuan Arts Center. The “Greenworm Aoi” won the first prize of social group with NT400,000. Taoyuan city mayor Tsai, Wencan personally presented the award. The jury coordinator Yeongchi Wu gave positive feedback to the level of competition team, which was difficult for the juries to judge. They encouraged all teams to keep working on music.

The Taoyuan Iron Rose Music Festival held by Art Facilities Management Center, Taoyuan has come to the 8th year. This year it turns international. The total prize value is increased to one million NTD and senior Korean expert Kay is invited as jury for the final. Furthermore, it work with City Roars Fest of Malaysia to recommend excellent team from social group to perform for international exchange. It is a great opportunity to let new Taiwan musicians to get on the international stage, and to promote brand value and vision of Iron Rose Music and Taiwan music.

There are 201 teams signed up for the competition, which is a record high. After primary elections and rematches, the final 10 groups of campus team and social team were battled on Oct. 19th and 20th. Apart from awarding Grand Prize and Popular Prize, PAPUN Band and Taiwan signature rock band 88balaz performed at the final to cheer up for all participants.

All the winning team performed at famous Live House ThERE in Taoyuan on Nov. 17th. The winner of social team “Greenworm aoi” will be performing on Iron Rose International Music Festival on Dec. 8th. It is free of entry. All public is welcome to the festival. The popular social team “Jemmy” was awarded sponsorship from China Trust for 6 performances.

2019 Taoyuan Iron Rose Winning Team