“2019 Taoyuan Iron Rose Band Competition” Announcement for Order Semi-Final

The performing order for the Semi-Final of 2019 Taoyuan Iron Rose Band Competition was arranged by draw lots at lobby of Arena of Taoyuan Arts Center on August 16th, under the witness of well-known music producer Eric Chen. Please find the order list for student group and social group below.

The Semi-Final of “Taoyuan Iron Rose Band Competition” were held at 13:00 on August 31st (Student group) and Sept. 1st (social group) at Outdoor Arena of Taoyuan Arts Center. 40 teams were performed lively to become finalists. The competition was open to public for free.

—-Semi-Final of “Taoyuan Iron Rose Band Competition”—-

Time: Student Group: August 31st (Sat) 13:00

Social Group: Sept. 1st (Sun) 13:00

Location: Outdoor Arena of Taoyuan Arts Center (No. 1188, Zhongzhen Rd., Taoyuan District, Taoyuan City)