“2019 Taoyuan Iron Rose Band Competition” Announcement for Semi-Final

1.Time and Location

Location: Outdoor Arena of Taoyuan Arts Center

Time: August 31st, 2019 (Sat) 13:00 Students Cup; Sept. 1st (Sun) 13:00 Social Cup


Please complete registration on during 12:00 to 12:45 of the day. At the competition, the performer who has been called for three times without showing up will be deemed to be forfeited.

If the semi-finalists have any questions against the competition, please submit in written at least three days before the competition. After the finalists are announced, they should respect the ruling of the jury with no further objections.

3.The Program:

Performing time: Maximum 15 minutes, including setting and performance.

At 5th and 10th minutes of the performing time, there will be staff raising board to remind time. When time’s up, the voice will be turned down. Timeout will affect total scores; every 30 seconds will take 5 points of total scores and those less than 30 seconds are calculated as 30 seconds.

The performance accompanying karaoke for the entire song shall be rejected.

If the songs have to be replaced, it must be submitted three days in advance in written notice and approved by the organizer.

4.The Musical Instrument

Those who have entered the Semi-Final and Final Round shall bring their own musical instruments to the competition site and submit instrument list first for sound check.

The organizer shall provide the jazz drum kit (* the drumstick excluded) and the keyboard for the use of participants, and provide the basic sound recording, sound systems, microphones, and sheet music stands for the singers’ musical instruments.

All instruments are provided by the organizer. Any special needs should be discussed before the competition.

In order to seek for fairness, IEM system is not opened, and it is not allowed to bring sound controller and lighting control technician. Thowe will be arranged by the organizer.

The following is a list of instruments and equipment configuration provided by the organizer:

Instrument list:

Configuration diagram: