2019 Taoyuan Iron Rose Band Competition


Attention here!

The hot list of Semi-Final is here!

Check out for our band!

(Based on stroke order)

The team will contact all the semi-finalists from today to noon of August 16th for the notice of semi-final.

Please check out your e-mail and phone call closely!!

(Those do not respond by noon of August 16th are treated as waiver and will be replaced by the waiting list).

The order of semi-final will be draw lots by the organizer on August 16th.

(The order cannot be changed, if fail to attend, the waiting list shall fill in).

Semi-Final of Iron Rose Band Competition

Time: Student group: August 31st (Sat) 13:00

Social group: Sept. 1st (Sun) 13:00

Location: Outdoor Arena of Taoyuan Arts Center (No. 1188, Zhongzhen Rd., Taoyuan District, Taoyuan City)