2019 Taoyuan Iron Rose Music Festival- The First Batch of Children Music Camp Ended in Perfection

A-Fu from SodaGreen served as the captain of Taoyuan Iron Rose Children’s Music Camp; he laughed at himself that his age of mind being the same age of the children.

n recent years, due to the promotion of Iron Rose International Music Festival, music has become popular in Taoyuan City and there are more and more arts and cultural activities held here. Apart from Rose Party Concert held in July, there are Children’ Music Camp on the weekends, making Taoyuan have rich cultivation in arts and music. Afu from Soda Green band is especially invited as the captain for Children’s Music Camp this year. Afu played the guitar on site, inspiring children’s love of music and finding their potential musical talents.

Afu said that he often joined hometown service during his college life. He recently finished Reborn Festival and hoped to find a new generation of orchestras in the whole Taiwan. Through the Taoyuan Iron Rose Children’s Music Camp, he laughed and said that he now extends his territory into younger generation. Although Soda Green is at rest now, Afu still works full-time. He said he had found a few good bands before, and he would cooperate with them to make a single. These young bands are great, he himself is more like an incubator and accelerator to help them being seen by the public. He also announced that Soda Green will come back to stage next year. Although they haven’t started planning, he guaranteed the new works will be surprising.

Afu interacted with the students by playing guitar. He praised the children for learning very fast. He only taught the song for 2 times, and they could sing already. It may be because modern children have access to a lot of information. He encourages students to cherish this opportunity. The teachers of the camp are all musicians who have released films, which is a very luck opportunity. As a father of two children, Afu recognizes himself as a child king since he was a child. The way to get along with children is to become their partner. Just like the first time he did vocal for a child, he tried to make his thoughts and language the child in order to know what he wants. He also said that his son is only 4 years old, all he wants is playing, Dad is like a playmate and mother does the teaching work.

Afu also shared his experience in high school, his two-year senior Real said that he would sing to him. After class, Real sang the song “Short hair” while accompanying on a guitar. Real was tall and handsome at the time, attracting many girls. After entering the university, he still took care of juniors. He has always remembered him deeply.

There are two batches of Taoyuan Iron Rose Children’s Music Camp, and both are full. The two-day course of each batch is based on the theme of “Music Potential Development”. Professional lecturers are invited to carry out the course, including the head of Suitcase band Chan Lung taught basic creation of songs and lyrics, and drummer-Guo Zichang conducted the genre identification and music group recreation course. Taoyuan local music talent, who was also nominated for the best Hakka album in Golden Melody Awards 30, Yu-Ting Yeh guided students to experience the Kalimba, and Scott, singer of RUOK.8 taught Ukulele. Hope these young musicians could experience the world through music this summer.