2019 Taoyuan Taiwan Iron Rose Music Festival- Attracted 10,000 People on the First Day

Waa Wei, Enno Cheng, Suming Rupi, Thailand band The Mousses Relay Concert

The largest music festival in Taiwan, 2019 Taoyuan Iron Rose International Music Festival, was held on the 27th and 28th of July in Taoyuan Arts Center. The first-day concert was performed by Enno Cheng, Waa Wei, Shuming Rupi, ZiXuan & Slow Train, and Matthew Lien, attracting more than 10,000 audience. Waa Wei, who just gave birth to a child, joked as she had lost weight successfully, she asked her fans to close their eyes while listening to the concert.

Waa Wei performed the finale on the first day, singing a number of songs. Wei said she had a special feeling for Taoyuan as she grew up and attended kindergarten there Now her grandmother and relatives still live in Taoyuan.

What was different in the performance from her past was that they change a female keyboard – Amanda, who could bring a different interpretation of the songs. Wei also laughed and said: “Amanda just dyed her hair in orange. Look at her more, don’t look at me, because I haven’t lost weight yet.” Wei, who has been busy recording a new album, said: “I will grasp time during taking care of my child and enjoy the work, please look forward to my new album.”

“The Mousses” is the most popular band in Thailand. The video views of their MV “Fear of Knowing” has reached more than 150 million times. Their first show in Taiwan was presented in “2019 Taoyuan Iron Rose International Music Festival”. Many Thai fans came to the concert early. The Mousses expressed they were very happy and honored to come to Taiwan Although they spoke different language, they hoped to win the hearts of Taiwanese audience.

The Mousses wanted to visit Yangmingshan most, because they heard that it is a beautiful place to get calm. They also wanted to taste the fried chicken chops and the most authentic pearl milk tea. They welcomed Taiwanese fans to recommend the must-eat. In terms of music, they wanted to cooperate with popular Taiwan band Mayday. The two bands have similar music style, it should be interesting to have the opportunity to cooperate. Because they are popular in Thailand, the Thai media did live broadcast of the festival through the Internet.

Matthew Lien, who is currently working on the album “Romantic Taiwan Third Line – Hakka Music Map”, has once again cooperated with Zixuan Huang, who has received great acclaim in the Golden Song 30, “Yi Min Min”. This song combining English and Hakka culture, it symbolizes the multi-dimensional integration of the Taoyuan city.

Shuming Rupi, who just finished performing in the UK and Germany, sang 10 songs on the stage of Taoyuan Iron Rose. In the second half of the year, he will continue to perform in Indonesia, Australia, Japan, Switzerland and other countries. Recalling the world’s largest open-air music festival Glastonbury at the end of June, before singing “Before the Night”, he mentioned Taiwan was the first country in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage, the audience yelled “Taiwan! Taiwan! Taiwan!” and cheered for a long time. He was very touched.

Enno Cheng sang many signature songs and new songs on the day. She said that she is currently preparing a new album. Standing on the stage of Taoyuan Iron Rose is also a warm-up for her 3,000-audience concert at the end of the year. Zheng’s impression of Taoyuan is large: a large shopping mall, a large Noble Family Steak House, and big roads. She just finished the soundtrack of the TV series “Mirror Forest” with the theme of reporter’s ecology and news value. Now her leisure activity is to play with her cat.

The festival brings the fresh and beautiful urban music to the Taoyuan Arts Square. There were also food, culture and creative market, local farm market and music teaching experience, etc.. It also cooperated with Vilson Organic to offer cool fruit tea for the public. Gifts were sent away through activities, to attract people to shop in the market, eat delicious food, play games, receive gifts, chase popular stuff and be international!