2019 Taoyuan Taiwan Iron Rose Music Festival- Attracted 12,000 People on the Second Day

Joanna Wang, Eve Ai, HUSH, Anna Chong Liven Up Taoyuan

The second date of the largest music festival in Taiwan, 2019 Taoyuan Iron Rose International Music Festival, was held at Taoyuan Arts Center. Besides unique Taiwanese performers, overseas singers also performed at the festival, showing international vision of Iron Rose. Joanna Wang, Eve Ai, HUSH, Kowen Ko, Murmurshow, NUKA, Crispy and Anna Chong from Malaysia livened up Taoyuan on the second day of the festival.

Joanna Wang, one of the juries of Golden Melody Awards 30, sang 10 songs at the festival, including “Isn’t It Exciting”, “Simply Nothing You Can Do”, “Apple Blossom”, “Intimacy Lovers”, “I only care about you”, some classic Chinese songs, and also songs from her new album. Her new album is “Voice of Love” will be released in this fall.

Kowen Ko shared his recent mood and photos of performance after Golden Melody Awards on Facebook. At the festival, he sang “Find Me”, “Distance”, “Things Not About Saved” and so on. His outfit at the Golden Melody Awards was highly praised that he looked like popular Japanese star Ryo Nishikido. His performance of the day attracted many fans.

Golden Melody Awards Winner, Eve Ai, took a band to participate in the Taoyuan Iron Rose festival, which made her sing a lot of fun. She sang her classic songs “Water Years”, “Hug” and their own creations “Destroy Me”, “Escape Plan” and many other songs. Her performance enchanted the audience. HUSH sang “How to Start”, “In other words”, “Rumor, “Stubble” and many other songs.

Anna Chong from Malaysia showed great creativity since she was in university, and many of popular singers performed her works. Anna said when she knew Andy Liu sang her song, her first reaction was “Unbelievable.” The song was originally written for a friend as birthday song and Andy Liu interpreted it in a warm and lovely way. The first time she listened to Fan Bingbing singing her song, she felt that she sang very well. She is so envious that Fan is an all-round goddess.