About Iron Rose

The first session of “Taoyuan Taiwan Iron Rose Music Festival” was held in the Taoyuan Arts Center since 2012 and was named as “Taoyuan Taiwan Iron Rose Music Festival” for the battle of the bands. As time went by, this Taiwan’s popular music festival expands its territory, such as adding the “Iron Rose Music Award for High-School Team” in 2014; in 2015, it held the “Iron Rose Institute of Music”, “Iron Rose Musical Exhibition”, and added the activity of “Iron Rose Music Festival”. In 2016, the “Rock & Roll Pilgrimage Procession” was added to bring rock and roll music to all over Taoyuan City. In 2017, the Iron Rose Music Festival again expanded its territory to hold one concert each in the Taoyuan Arts Center and HSR Taoyuan Station Plaza; people of Taoyuan can know more Taiwan’s diverse and rich pop music composition and musical energy through the different music genres between two locations. In 2018, six mini concerts were added in order to cultivate people’s musical consumption and promote the sustainable development of the music industry.

This year, “Taoyuan Taiwan Iron Rose Music Festival” will reach the new peak, including holding a series of activities and upgrading its level to “Taoyuan International Iron Rose Music Festival”. At the same time, we invite the founders and curators of overseas music festivals to visit Taiwan, who will be the teachers of Iron Rose Master Class to share their rich experience, will be the judges for the final competition of Iron Rose Battle of the Bands, and will promote the winning bands of the year 2018 and 2019 to perform for the overseas music festivals and show Taiwan’s diverse music composition and musical energy. In addition, we introduce the worldwide renowned bands to come to Taiwan and perform in the Taoyuan Taiwan Iron Rose Music Festival this year as well. Through these musical interactions and activities, it will help to upgrade the brand image and name recognition and to expand the horizons for the Iron Rose Music Festival, which will build the international links between Taiwan and the world.

This year is the 8th session of “Taoyuan Taiwan Iron Rose Music Festival”, which never stops its progress and expands its musical territory. Selecting new bands and holding the performance of bands and the education activities are the initial purpose and insistence of this music festival which helps the growth and breakthrough of Taiwan’s musical history; this renown music festival aims to make Taiwan’s diverse music cultures to be like the “Iron Rose” that enjoys its victory and be the music legendary symbol of Taiwan.