Overseas Music Festival

Iron Rose Music Festival Connects with Korean Music Market – Busan International Rock Festival

This year, Iron Rose Music Festival has officially expanded its music territory and built the links to the international market in order to find out more music materials and make the music related business and the underground bands to be even better. Busan International Rock Festival, entering its 20th of establishment since 1999, is the first global market connecting with Iron Rose Music Festival. In addition to collecting every kind of original music styles, such as rock and roll, metal music, indie music, Iron Rose Music Festival has annually invited the domestic and overseas renowned rock bands to take part in this great activity; a consistent and close interaction with the world-class musicians not just upgrades the level of the Iron Rose Music Festival, but also sweeps the music fans of Taiwan.

The 2019 Busan International Rock Festival will invite Taiwan’s band – TaiKo Electro Company, the Champion of 2015 Iron Rose Battle of the Bands and an eye-catching new rock band in the emerging Hokkien electronic music scene, to perform on the Korean music stage.
TaiKo Electro Company started their music journey from the pure entertainment, plus texts with the local and humorous tones featured the high-energy electronic music like Dubstep, Drum, and Bass to create modern and futuristic Hokkien songs. What they do is to awaken the young generation to know the beauty of Minnan language, to love their native language, and to make the Mandopop successfully reach every corner on the planet again.